Artist Bio Requirements

How to complete your Artist bio

Well done! You are well on your way to sell your products online on PrenQMooi!

It’s time to complete your Artist Bio. Customers are very interested in who created the artwork / artisan products they have come to adore or are yet to discover! Having a bio, often pushes the sale and adds to their reason for buying. It helps them to understand what makes you unique and tells them about the journey you took to get to where you are now as an artist.

Not a writer? Don’t worry! Our gifted and dedicated team of writers will ensure that you are portrayed both professionally and artistically!

Here is a sample page:

1. Please complete the following form:

2. Videos

Videos are always worth the investment!

If you have a professional promotional video of yourself and or your artwork, please send it to us via Please use this email address:

3. Photos

Please email the following to

  • A profile photo
  • Studio photos
  • Artistic process photos
  • Some of your best work sold
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