PrenQMooi’s artistic duo share their compelling stories


Marzanne, what shaped your life thus far?

As a young girl, I remember seeing pictures in my mind of how I would paint things that I felt God communicated to me/pressed on my heart and then I would see myself have an entire series on a particular message. Finally, I would see glimpses of myself walking around in an exhibition space/gallery, in between my artworks. I saw this regularly until my early teens. I took part in a mini exhibition at my school and I remember that one of my teachers bought the paintings I exhibited. I felt so proud! He said I was gifted. In high school, I painted cards in watercolour and sold them an art market. I loved it. The arts – all of it. I never felt at home at the school I attended. I felt misplaced; not in my tribe… To add to that, my faith has always been important to me. I loved God since a young girl and that separated me even more from the cool kids – I never understood them. I always felt different.

My father has always painted and loved gardening. He was a sales rep, but in his heart, I believe he is an artist. I also remember my mom and all the gift shops that she worked in or owned whilst I was at school. Unfortunately, I bought into the lie that all artists are poor and can barely make ends meet and hence studying art was not an option. For years, I regretted this! Today I understand why God kept me from studying in the arts; I think I would have either given up on Him or I would not have felt at home in their habitat because “strange” was celebrated and honestly, I think I am not “strange” enough… I am just someone that loves business, various creative outlets, and God. I need all three of these to feel alive.

During lockdown, God increasingly pressed on my heart that the visual arts needed to be reached. That He wanted to redeem the arts and that it was time for His light to increase in the arts. He said He was calling me for business and the arts. I realised that so many artists struggled with the same issues: that they believed the lie that they were not good enough, that they would never make it in the art world, that they did not have anything to offer… but God!

Amazingly, on the other side of the world, God was speaking to the wife of my husband’s business partner. Our husbands realised that God was saying the same thing to both of us. We spoke one night and then we knew: this was God! We were going to start an online business for Him to sell the art and so create a community where artists could sell their work and get “art food” and where the rest of the world could buy their art, in doing so provide a community and a vehicle at the same time.

How did you decide on the name of your online art business, PrenQMooi?

This is a testimony on its own! God gave me the name one day, a year before I knew how He would use it. God confirmed the name for me, but after a few closed doors, I realised that it was because the spelling had to be different. He said spell it with a Q in the middle and look up the verse that starts with a Q. Then He said the P and M stands for Prophetic Ministry and the Q is for 1 Thess 5: 20, which says: Quench not my Spirit. Amazingly, the next verse says: Do not treat prophesies with contempt. It all made sense. God is doing a new thing through the outpouring of His Spirit. In these times prophesies will increase and we must not look down on how He chooses to communicate to His children – including through the visual arts!

Sum up your business in a few words.

Prophetic Art Ministry through E-commerce

What underlies your creativity?

I enjoy mixed media and painting what He shows me. Other times I will paint what I like and then realise that He wants to communicate something through it – so I often only understand at the end what He was busy doing through me. It ministers to me and often ministers to others when I tell them the story behind it.

Do your husband and family support this venture?

They support it 100%. It means the world to us.

Who are your prospective clients?

  • People interested in prophetic ministry and the visual arts.
  • People who want to fill their homes with God’s Presence through artistic expressions.
  • People who want to gift others with products that has a message of hope, comfort and encouragement; products that will build or renew their faith and give them courage!

    It is our earnest desire at PrenQMooi that everyone may experience the wonderful Spiritual gift of the prophetic so that people may know God’s thoughts, hear His heart, and experience His love.

Art meets business meets ministry...

What life advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Don’t worry about what others have to say. God gifted you uniquely. Others might not understand you, they might not even celebrate what He has called you to do and that is OK. You just keep listening to Jesus and find your joy in Him! Be thankful! Sow in other people’s lives where you want to see growth and you will experience increase – it is a kingdom principle. If you complain, you remain and if you doubt you go without! Pursue your gifts. Love intentionally. Don’t take offence – it’s poison – get it out of your system quickly by saying sorry and reconciling. You can be so right that you’re wrong.

Learn everything you can about His grace! Immerse yourself and soak in it!

There is no-one like you – you were created with your unique gifts for the assignment you have to go fulfill – so stop trying to fit in. If you don’t feel comfortable among people, leave and find a place where you do. Stop pursuing perfectionism, rather pursue excellence and truly seek to understand the difference.

You can’t control everything so stop trying to; choose to let others make their own mistakes and be OK with that and try your best to enjoy the messiness of family.

Repeat: God doesn’t just love me, He likes me. The more I’m pursuing me, the more it glorifies His creativity!

You were born to co-create and there are different seasons for different forms of creativity. There isn’t just one thing!

Laugh intentionally.

Your top business tips

Know how to prioritise well. Seek the double win – at home and at work! And, be intentional about this. Or there won’t be a business or health or a family to celebrate one day!

Your wealth lies in your people. The more you invest in them, as well as encourage and enable them to pursue the double win, the more they will ensure your wealth! The best part? It will last an eternity!

Embrace the digital age and seek ways of including it in your business strategy. The longer you wait, the further you are falling behind.

Co-create and co-labour with God.

Find your “Why” and let it determine your decisions.

Make time to work on your business, not just in your business!

You can’t train passion, you employ passion.

Anneline, what led you to where you are today?

My today was shaped by my yesterday. It has been a journey full of highs and lows. Firstly, my prayers and my family have shaped me to where I am today. My life with my first and only love and husband, John, started in Harrismith in the Free State. We were blessed to have a son, Gianni. He was the greatest gift that God gave me. I was so happy. Just over a year later, I fell pregnant with twins. It was amazing news and I could not believe my ears. “Two heartbeats?”  “Oh my,” was my response, “my baby has two hearts”. I was devastated to hear this. “Are there twins in the family?” the nurse asked. Where was she going with this? Still in the dark, I did not understand. She explained to me that I was expecting twins. I was shocked, surprised and excited at the same time. I could not wait to go and tell the good news to John. We were jumping for joy, but sadly six and a half months later, I went into early labour and John rushed me from Harrismith to Bethlehem. I had my babies, Sereno (a boy) and Selita (a girl). They were tiny but so beautiful and precious. Selita went to heaven four days after birth. I was broken. We held a funeral for Selita in December 2007. It was heart wrenching. We would visit Sereno in the NICU and every time we would see him, it was terrible because Selita was missing. It just did not feel right to see him alone. Twenty-two days after Sereno’s birth he joined Selita. We held Sereno’s funeral in January 2008. Our babies were no longer with us. It was a very difficult time for us. I had a revelation that perfect restoration only happened in heaven and heaven was where Sereno and Selita were. This gave me peace. Gianni was there and that was our happiness. We moved to Bloemfontein and eight months later I was pregnant with Benicio. I was so happy. He is our blessing, especially after our twin babies had passed on. We enjoyed Bloemfontein but the boys were growing up and enjoyed football and this was the perfect age for them to move to Portugal. Gianni and Benicio are getting older now and are busy with their school, football and their future. John is busy with his work and now I am here, as a wife and mother, starting a new business that I never thought would happen. 

Sum up your business in a few words.

Our business will “tell a story”, will be “touching”, hopefully create “connection”, and definitely be “inspirational” and “spiritual”.

What was the lightbulb moment, which sparked the decision to open your business?

I found myself in Portugal and needed to express my way of belief and truth in my new environment. People need to hear and see the truth and what better way to show the message than through art. To me, beautiful art and spiritual art touches my senses and even though I speak Portuguese (not fluently), there is an urgency on my part to convey the message and the truth to people. Through the art on our website, people will hopefully feel a connection and realise that that they are missing something special. This is a vital venture. It is as if I am keeping a secret that just needs to come out, and I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way. I would like to do my part. Nobody is perfect, myself included. We are imperfect people trying to bring something to everybody, which can directly influence their lives in a ‘perfect’ way. We can provide a beautiful thing here!

Why did you choose art as your business venture, and not something else?

For “Creation”. I chose the art route because it is beautiful to see and feel. I have always gravitated towards some form of art. Art brings emotion and it can be a conversation starter and make a house a home if you surround yourself with beautiful images from talented artists.

What underlies your creativity?

I can create in my mind and talk about it, but it usually does not materialise. I took a make-up course in 2004. My interest in art was through make-up and being creative in my environment.

Do your husband and family support this business venture?

My husband and family are supportive of ours business venture. My children are excited for me. This art venture was supported from the get-go and the support means a lot as I am excited and anxious at the same time. This is not just a game for me, and when my family is supportive, it means a lot.

What is your proudest achievement thus far?

Everything I achieve, big and small, are my achievements. When my family is happy, I am at my happiest.

What life advice would you give your 20-year-old self?

Always seek great mentors in order for you to be rooted and grounded from a young age. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not feel pressured by anyone. Speak up when you need to and strive to be the best you can be. 

Your top business tips

Love what you do. Keep things simple and memorable. Make a difference with your business. Do not stress/avoid drama and definitely sow good seed. Provide good service and be friendly. 

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